Assassin's Creed Free Runners Unblocked

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Are you ready for an epic adventure? Dive into the world of Assassin's Creed Free Runners Unblocked!

It's an action packed race where you play as a fearless assassin, leaping over obstacles and teaming up with legendary characters.

Features of Assassin's Creed Free Run :

  • Race against up to 7 friends.
  • Climb, jump and perform amazing stunts.
  • Summon iconic Assassins for help.
  • Time Spacebar correctly for epic jumps.

Game Controls:

  1. Jump with the Spacebar.
  2. Move using WASD keys.
  3. Press E for actions.

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Get ready for a super fun adventure with Assassin's Creed Free Runners Unblocked.

Race against friends, jump over things, and become a true Assassin. Start your thrilling journey today!


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