Ubisoft All Star Blast Unblocked

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Ubisoft All Star Blast is a game like Bomberman where many players battle. Run through the maze, blast away crates and blow up your opponents.

How to Play All-Star Blast Unblocked!

  • Your goal is to be the last surviver in the Bomberman maze.
  • Avoid bombs at all cost, including yours.
  • You can unlock different ubisoft characters.
  • You can go down the small pathways and throw bombs to break the crates that are in your way.
  • Make sure you don’t get caught in the blast.
  • Gather power ups by blowing crates with bombs.
  • Try to trap your enemies and plant bomb to eliminate them.
  • As the game goes on, the playing area gets smaller, and plants and trees grow around the edges of the maze.
  • This will make all the players go to the middle for a big final fight.

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