Might and Magic Armies Unblocked

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About: Might and Magic Armies

Step into exciting world of Might & Magic Armies Unblocked! Get a speed boost and master your army's strength. Plan your moves carefully.

Hide in bushes for tactical advantages or charge head on to conquer enemies. Stay updated with UBISOFT Nano!

How to Play Might & Magic Armies

  • Explore with your main hero and collect helmets for army expansion.
  • Bronze helmets: +200 soldiers, Silver helmets: +1,000 soldiers, Golden helmets: +5,000 soldiers.
  • Speed boost will use your army power. Use it wisely!
  • If your army circle can fit into a forest, you will be hidden from opponents.
  • Defeat opponents to gain soldiers by colliding with their circle.
  • Beware! Battles consume soldiers and escaping enemies won't yield any.

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